Louis Comfort Tiffany

Although he does not have the father's unique sales drive, but also creative spirit. Jewelry design process of Tiffany has been carry forward in his hand.He went to Paris after learning, become a glass expert, create Tiffany studiosand the invention of the one and only.


Spiral texture and diamond cutting process, so that the diamond shine more dazzling brilliance, he designed the lighting is a great success. Tiffany has become an outstanding representative American new process, and makeAmerica crafts become be all the rage the go goods.

In 1860, Charles. Tiffany to the family moved to Madison street. Luis Fort Tiffany (Louis Comfort Tiffany) like painting, like beauty, he decided to become an artist.

In 1865 America the end of the civil war, Charles Tiffany met the son of Luis Fort Tiffany, the essence of desire, sent him to Europe to enjoy the art master, in Europe during the study, the young Luis Fort Tiffany, a stained glass window hooked on the picturesque rural scenery and French literatureschool. He loved to indulge in art, has laid a solid foundation for the future creation. After returning home, he has exhibited his paintings in the gallery in New York. Although his painting is very popular with people appreciate, most of the works are priced as high as $1000; although he aspired to become agreat artist, but he was clearly aware, he can't be a world-class master of painting, if you want to leave your page in history, must look for a new way.So, he decided to give up the cause of the painting.

In 1878, Luis Fort Tiffany and two partners founded a Interior Design Company, engaged in interior design and the creation of some light furniture.Although his style is very popular with father appreciated, and sold some of the furniture he designed in Tiffany company, but Lewis Fort Tiffany did notcontinue in this field, he put his artistic creativity into another new carrier of glass.

After Luis Fort Tiffany visited France Literature College and Notre Dame de Paris, he fell in love with stained glass. After several years of experiments to test the material, he opened his own glass company in 1886. When hundreds of churches built all over the United States, ministers hope can have the European church that stained glass. So, Luis Fort Tiffany will have broad applications, in a short span of 4 years, he produced more than 100 fanstained glass windows for many churches, his company quickly became thenation's largest manufacturers of glass painting. Luis Fort Tiffany is looking foranother kind of form of expression -- making hand blown glass vase and lampfor lighting. He used the optical principle, a unique design in glass lampshade,achievements and the stained glass windows of the same. He is in the design,the lights as the unique elements that make the painted screen glass lamp shade exudes a unique charm, cuddly. After a few years, glass Luis Fort Tiffany glass company sold hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

He is an artist, his glass products sell well, because he pays attention toproduct art texture, at this time of Luis Fort Tiffany has been recognized as the world's leading manufacturers of glass, his to the production of thousands of pieces of goods factory every month. He is a perfectionist, if making products do not meet their requirements, will be mercilessly be crushed with a stick.

With the changing times, in Luis Fort Tiffany's old age, people think he oncedazzling art works are no longer able to reflect the times, and he believes hisart will eventually become a legend. So, he to museums around the world, has donated several pieces of his work, hope that subsequent artists would inherit his unique artistic style. Time goes to the twentieth Century 70 s, Luis Fort Tiffany foresaw confirmed, his style is heavy popular, a large number ofcollectors around looking for his design of the glass brick, glass lamps andglass vases, any one of the works are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.It is found that fine art in his works and stunning beauty, remains a model of contemporary designers. Achievement and honor