tiffany blue

Well known Tiffany blue is the color of Tiffany brand, it derives from a American Robin bird egg color, that is' s egg blue Robin. Luo Binniao, called the robin in Western legend, is romantic and a symbol of happiness; in Eastern mythology called Bluebird, represents the jack shall have jill.
Do not know if you have not found, there is a colour shuttle around you and me this summer. Its purity is not so high, but the brightness is comfortable to let people. It free before the blue and green, let you can not define its definition. However, it does have a good name, Tiffany Blue, it is not a green blue.
In fact, this color is always use jewelry we Tiffany, as its representative color has become an enduring classic. And now it has become a symbol of the brand Tiffany. At the same time, millions of girls jewelry dumping more obsessed with the touch of blue. A color that blue is not a pure sense, but represents a kind of happiness, a symbol of a dream. But, like how to describe, are not enough to express this blue gives people the feeling. So also their true, call her Tiffany blue!
TIFFANY BLUE were visible everywhere, no matter is the shoes or clothes are racing to choose this color. Major suit or civilians are in the enjoyment of this visual feast, the blue why can be so hot? I think the fundamental or because of its clear through the end of the charm. Neither publicity and poise.
In fact, this blue more can let a person touch the past, retro feel feel in the heart to emerge. In this era of individuality, do not know whether you pay attention to bring the color charm?