Tiffany Lamp Base

China tiffany base manufacturer provide Small tiffany lamp base,tiffany zinc lamp base,tiffany bronze base,tiffany base iron wholesale.

What do we produce and supply?

We mainly produce zinc alloy lamp bases, including table lamp bases, floor lamps bases, and wall lamp fixtures. We produce all lamp base components and accessories such as base rods, base bottoms, harps, finals, sockets, wires, plugs and switches.

What are our advantages?

We are one of the first factories in China Mainland which produce zinc alloy bases for tiffany lamps, Handel lamps and fabric lamps . We have many models and we have most strict quality control system.

What do we guarantee?

We guarantee to use best material to produce lamp bases. We guarantee the weight and quality finish of bases. We will produce free for any products which are not qualified after you receive.